“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived,
  but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”
       Maya Angelou


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  Do you experience any of the following challenges?

        -  Overwhelming Sadness, DEPRESSION or Bipolar Depression

        Feelings of ANXIETY(video) or Panic

        -  Grief over the LOSS of a loved one, dream, hope, or opportunity

        -  Difficulties with Relationships; conflict, decreased intimacy

        -  Unresolved Trauma from Childhood Abuse and/or Neglect

        -  Questions about your Parenting

        -  Anger that feels either out of control or too tightly controlled

        -  Difficulties with Life Transitions

        -  Wondering if you might have a Substance Abuse problem

        -  Wanting More out of Life

If you believe that I may be able to help you, you may wish to consider calling (512) 339-1694texting, or emailing me  karen@depressionanxietycounselingaustin.com to discuss the possibility of Individual Psychotherapy.  I have a wealth of experience (over 25 years) helping others with these and similar problems.

With the benefit of Individual Psychotherapy, I have been able to help those who have come to see me achieve more of the following:

                -  Self-Confidence

                -  Relaxation, Calm, and Sense of Peace

 Self-Compassion and Compassion for Others

                -  Resilience

 Deeper More Fulfilling Relationships with partners, children,
                       parents and friends

                -  Greater Intimacy

  Vitality, Enthusiasm, Joy, and Exuberance for Life

                -  Assurance that one can Safely Feel and Express their Feelings
                           while staying connected to themselves and to others

                -  Anger Management Skills

                -  Hope and Investment or Re-Investment in Life

                -  Forgiveness of Self and Other

I am hopeful that with counseling, I can offer you a similar positive experience and outcome.

Please feel free to call (512) 339-1694, textor email me karen@depressionanxietycounselingaustin.com with questions, for additional information, or discuss your situation in particular to see if I might be able to help you, or to schedule an appointment for Individual Psychotherapy.

You may also wish to look over the list of books that I’ve recommended in the RESOURCES section.  They include topics on loss, relationships, love, anger management, adult mother/daughter relationships, parenting, substance abuse, and trauma.

            Depression and Anxiety Counseling of Austin serves the online community, as well as communities in Central Texas, including:  Austin,
          Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, Lake Travis, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Jonestown, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville,
                                                                                                               Wells  Branch, Hutto, Taylor, Manor

   I provide Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy for Adults, Seniors, Young Adults.  Help with Bipolar D/O, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss,
                                              Stress, Panic, Relationships, Parenting, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Anger Management, Personal Growth

                                                                                                                           Karen Hampton, LCSW
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                                                                                                                           Building 300, Suite 300
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